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Kayaba Series

Kind reminder:If you couldn't find the parts you need, pls send model number to us, or piston size to us, our technology will check and help you confirm.

Kayaba Series

LZ Hydraulic is a Supplier of Replacement Kayaba Piston Pumps, motor and Spare Parts, as follow:

1. PSVS37/90 PUMP

2. PSVD2-13E/16E/17E/19E/21E/26E/27E/57E PUMP

3. PSV-10/16 PSV-37C PUMP

4.  MSF340

5. PSV2-55T/62T/63T (SUMITOMO 120/265) PSVH-45CS PUMP

6. PSV2-10/16 PUMP


8. MSG 18P/27P/44P/50P SWING

9. MAG-10/12/18/26/33/44/50/85/120/150/170/200/230VP/330 TRAVEL

10. PSVL-36/42/54 PSVK2-25 PUMP

11. MSF 18/23/27/37/40/46/52/53/56/65/85/89/170/200/230 SWING

12. MSF 150/190/550/750 SWING

The brand for Referance :

*** Komatsu

*** Hitachi

*** Cater

*** Kayaba

*** Liebherr

*** Kawasaki

*** Rexroth

*** Uchida=

*** Sauer

*** Linde

*** Parker

Liangzhi Hydraulics can provide a full range of Kayaba piston pump and spare parts Used for  construction machinery repair.

We guarantee the same size as  original, Once you experience it, you will find that it is worth it.