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The Piston pump how to work

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The Piston pump how to work

The ppiston pump operates through the reciprocating movement of the piston  within the closed pump wall. In the process of operation, the memory size of the oil supply amount is selected according to the oil supply stroke. The entire delivery stroke is not limited by the camshaft, and the oil supply amount will not change with the change of the oil supply stroke. increase or decrease. The amount of oil supply can be adjusted by turning the plunger. During the use of the plunger pump, the cam on the camshaft circulates up and down with the column under the pressure of the spring to complete the oil pumping. Generally, the oil pumping process can be divided into two stages: two processes of oil inlet and oil return.

1. Oil intake process
When the protruding part of the camshaft rotates, the plunger starts to move downward through the pressure principle of the spring, so that the space on the upper part of the plunger forms a vacuum space. When the upper end of the plunger opens the oil inlet hole, the oil will enter the upper vacuum space through the oil inlet hole, and when the plunger travels to the lower end position, the entire oil inlet process ends.

2 .oil return process
When the plunger travels from bottom to top, when it reaches the oil outlet valve above the chute, the oil in the entire upper vacuum space, due to the drop in oil pressure, will be released by the oil outlet valve under the pressure of the spring. Close, stop conveying. The plunger continues to travel upwards, and through the rotation of the camshaft protrusion, it reaches the top and then travels downward repeatedly, and a new cycle of reciprocating work has started.

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